Linking the Francigena

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To learn more and organize your journey on the Via Francigena.

Francigena in Toscana - The official website of the Tuscan Community Il Pellegrino contains detailed information on the route, entirely geo-referenced, on the reception, on everything that can be used to better organize your route.

I Pellegrini della Francigena - A cultural association that brings together pilgrims who, on foot and in a group of more than 100 people, have traveled the 1000 km of the entire ancient Via Francigena italiana.

Associazione Europea delle Vie Francigene - The European Association of Vie Francigena (AEVF) aims to protect and promote the Via Francigena and other historical-cultural itineraries of Tuscany.

The Via Francigena on the site of Federazione Europea Itinerari Storici Culturali e Turistici

Google Track Francigena Toscana - All the Tuscan stages of the Via Francigena practicable virtually on Google Trek. made in collaboration with Toscana turismo turistica google trek now allows you to walk in an evocative way throughout the route from the Cisa Pass to Radicofani.

La forza medicatrice della Natura - A little first aid for the pilgrimage of the Via Francigena by Giovanni Gorgone Pelaya and Rossella Faleni. A "natural" aid for walkers. How to find medical herbs and use them best. (itlaian text only)

sulla Francigena - Experiential journeys to live the way as a modern pilgrim, attentive to the environment and to health.