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Palazzo Pfanner

The construction of Palazzo Pfanner dates back to 1660. The Moriconi family, who were amongst the patrician merchants of Lucca, commissioned the building.

Piazza Anfiteatro

The Roman amphitheatre, which is now about three meters under the ground, was built outside the walls in the first or second century AD.

Piazza Napoleone

The large square dedicated to Napoleon, where the Palazzo Ducale stands, was the headquarters of the noble power since the time of Castruccio Castracani (14th century) and Paolo Guinigi (15th century).

Teatro del Giglio

The Giglio, traditionally the artistic and cultural reference point of the city of Lucca, obtained recognition as Teatro di Tradizione (Tradition Theatre) in 1985.

Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden is the most precious garden in Lucca and extends for two acres in the southeast corner of the old town.