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Palazzo Mansi

The National Museum of Palazzo Mansi, an actual museum and residence, is an example of the homes of the merchants of Lucca.

Museo Villa Guinigi

Today Villa Guinigi houses a Museum of the City and Territory, thanks to one of the richest and most interesting collections of art produced in Lucca by local or foreign artists who worked for both clerical and secular clients.

Chiesa dei Santi Giovanni e Reparata

The church of Saints Giovanni and Reparata is located in Piazza San Giovanni in the Romanesque part of the historical centre of Lucca, close to the Cathedral of San Martino.

Logo Museo Lu.C.C.A

The museum of contemporary art Lu.CCA - Lucca Center of Contemporary Art is located near the Piazza Anfiteatro, inside the Palazzo Boccella, also called "alla Fratta".

Chiesa dei SS. Paolino e Donato

The Church of Saints Paolino and Donato is the only example in the city of a church built completely in Renaissance style. It is located on a street with the same name, one of the most popular places of the old town, and is known as the Church of San Paolino.