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In 742, he arrived in Lucca, in a cart pulled by untamed oxen and after crossing the Mediterranean on an unmanned boat, a mysterious crucifix with dark skin.

It is the Holy Face, and it is precisely to remember this "miraculous journey", that every year on September 13 in Lucca is made the "Luminara", a procession that winds through the streets of the city, lit by thousands of candles hanging from the windows. The next day is a feast, in the streets of the city and especially in the district of Borgo Giannotti, on the north side, there is the first of three traditional markets, which close with the Fair of San Michele, a traditional fair in which from the countryside and the mountains came supplies for winter in a symbolic beginning of autumn.


Volto santo di Lucca


These September fairs have been joined over the years by other events and initiatives that make the whole month of September, in the warm lights of the city and in the colors that announce the autumn in the countryside, a month of celebration.

Here is a taste of the program of celebrations of the feast of the Holy Cross, the market initiatives with fairs, the historical re-enactments prepared by the local companies of crossbowmen, musicians, flag-wavers and a selection of events in September Lucca.
You can consult the complete programme here: Settembre Lucchese - calendario


Spalti delle mura di Lucca alla piattaforma san Frediano


The festival

September 13 at 19:00 from the church of San Frediano starts the procession to the Luminara di Santa Croce, but do not miss the afternoon hours of the show of preparation of the route and lighting of the lights. The procession ends in the Cathedral where the traditional "Mottettone" is performed from the Cappella Musicale Santa Cecilia. At 23:30 the evening closes with the fireworks display along the river that you can see in the company of all Lucca, from the walk of the Urban Walls.
September 14 at 10.30 am in the Cathedral of San Martino, Solemn Pontifical in celebration of the day of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross. Throughout the day the chapel of the Holy Face will be open for those who want to pay tribute.
September 28 at 17:30 in the church of San Michele in Foro will be held the Concert for St. Michael Polyphonic Association Lucchese
on 29 September at 18:00 the solemn celebration that closes the festivities of September.


Processione della santa Croce a Lucca


Traditional appointments of the festivities of September are the markets and the amusement park.

From 25th August to 29th September, the Luna Park arrives at the Via delle Tagliate Amusement Park. From 15.00 to 24.00 the traditional "rides" in September with free tickets on 24 September for disabled children and 25, 26 September for all children.
From 1 to 30 September, the loggia of the Palazzo Pretorio hosts, from 9.00 to 19.00, the exhibition of agriculture and the territory, an exhibition of typical local products, a real path of taste between DOC wines, IGT, PDO and PGI oils, beans, ancient grains, honey and spelt of Garfagnana, chestnut flour and other products of the mountains and hills.
From 13 opening 29 September, from 10.00 / 20.00 in Piazza Napoleone is open the traditional bric a brac market in September, with charity fishing by the Italian Red Cross.
And then, as usual, the fairs of Borgo Giannotti, heirs of the late summer markets that were held in this neighborhood access to the city for those who came from the mountains and the sea. It begins on September 14 with the fair of Santa Croce preceded, in the early morning, by the fair of birds at the Forum Boario, then continue on September 21 with the fair of St. Matthew and conclude on September 29 with the fair of St. Michael.





A leap in time with the re-enactments of city life in the Middle Ages accompany the religious holidays.

From 31 August to 1 September through the streets and courtyards of Nozzano, the castle relives in a medieval reenactment in the ancient fortified village.
On 13, 14, 15 September, on the occasion of the feast of the Holy Cross, the Lucca associations organize the eye of Lucca and the gazar of the artillery of Santa Croce the historical re-enactment of the communication system of the Republic of Lucca with evening fires and gunfire.
On 22 September at 15:30 in piazza san Martino, is played the Palio di Santa Croce, shooting competition with the crossbow between shooters of the Terzieri citizens.

Palio della Balestra a Lucca


September in Lucca

The events of September in Lucca are many and varied. There are markets and craft markets and many initiatives of music, culture, sport and solidarity.


Two important thematic market exhibitions for a shopping proposal of quality and tradition.

On the first weekend of September, from the 6th to the 8th Murabilia  Mura in fiore returns,, the highly anticipated Market Exhibition of quality gardening. The spaces of the City Walls host from 10:00 to 19:00 a hundred exhibitors, craftsmen, nurserymen, architects of the floral sector.
From 27 to 29 September, from 10.00 to 20.00, at the Real Collegio di Lucca, the fourth edition of Lucca Artigiana, Exhibition-Market of artisan excellence of the Province of Lucca


from 20 September to 6 October XXV Luccautori Literary Festival in the elegant halls of Palazzo Ducale, Villa Bottini and Centro Cuturale Agorà.
September 22 for the Festival Economy and Spirituality, meetings with economists, artists, journalists, environmentalists, academics and religious at the Auditorium San Romano.
on 26 September, the Urban Walls will be the protagonists. At 15:00 at Villa Bottini, a conference on historical fortifications in the territories of the twin cities of Lucca.



as on any occasion, Lucca plays a lot of music, of many kinds, in the elegant locations of the historic buildings of Lucca. Among the number of appointments of the month,

On 15 and 22 September at 21:00 continue Sunday meetings with the great international organists at the organ of the cathedral of Lucca with the review Cathedral Music - Musica in cattedrale
From 17 to 28 September at 21.00 at the Doge's Palace, however, you change music! Lucca Jazz Donna is the women's jazz music festival that every year offers lovers of this gnere music, free concerts with great performers and musicians.
On 6, 14, 22, 27 September in the eighteenth-century garden of Palazzo Pfanner resonates chamber music of the eleventh season of Suoni di Lucca
From 24 to 26 September at 18.00 at Villa Bottini, Questioni di stili 2019 the ninth edition of the exhibition of genres and musical styles curated by musicologist Renzo Cresti.


appointments for the die-hard sportsman, even on holiday

On 6 September at 5:30 a.m. All'alba vincerò! the non-competitive race at dawn through the streets of the old town and on the bike path of the stands around the Walls with final breakfast: cappuccino and brioche!
On 7 September  from 18:00 to 22:00 starts from the Garden of Observants Lucca di Notte, the popular night march through the streets of the old town, above and below the walls,
On 29 September at 7.00 a.m. starts from Pietrasanta the Francigena Tuscany Marathon Playful motor walk of Km. 42 from Pietrasanta to Lucca along the route of the Via Francigena


(foto R. Giomi, G. Parisi, Cappellari, M. Baldocchi)

Settembre lucchese